What is Art in Theta?

Art in Theta was founded in 2015 by artist and illustrator Nancy Green.  Read more about Nancy

You can experience what Art in Theta is all about by purchasing Nancy's intuitive artwork and prints, by collaborating as part of an exhibition of invited artists, or by taking part in a workshop taught by Nancy herself. In a safe supportive space you can learn techniques to begin or deepen the journey into your own intuitive vision and bring what you see on to paper or canvas.

Creating Art in Theta is very simply the practice of using a particular brainwave pattern that we can all access and use to create intuitive, visual artwork. This brainwave is called Theta. It is a state that is used to connect with inspiration and deep understanding..it is also a natural part of the human creative process. Read more about Theta brainwaves

Can anyone learn to do this?


Yes. In fact all you are doing is reconnecting with the memory of how to do it. 

Do you remember a feeling of utter contentment and joy when you were painting as a small child? Nothing held you back from expressing yourself. Noone taught you how to do this in the first place..you just knew. This is a quality of the Theta brainwave state and children up to the age of 4 or 5 spend most of their lives in it.