Welcome! I'm Nancy.

I believe that creativity is soul work. 

Being creative is an integral, profound part of being human. As a life-long artist I've discovered that art is like a sixth sense, a way of accessing more information about what we call reality. As a small child do you remember being in the total joy of painting? Nothing held you back from expressing yourself. No-one told you how to do this in the first place. You just knew. All sorts of magic and possibility exists in this state, yet as adults most of us have forgotten. We have such small expectations of what our own creations can offer us. 

I love showing everyone that they can reconnect to that joy and much more. I believe it's time to remember.


Latest news

Come see us at the Melbourne MindBodySpirit Festival, Melbourne Convention Centre, South Wharf, from 16th - 18th November 2018.

Entry is FREE. We are on Stand C33.



You loved the Meru Pyramids!

We loved sharing their magic too, and have another batch winging its way shortly to Oz if you missed out at the show.

Seek to forge a creative alliance, artist-to-artist with the Great Creator. Accepting this concept can greatly expand your creative possibilities.
— Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way

Charging Crystals and essential oils under the Meru Pyramid

We had a great three days giving people a chance to feel the energy of these beautiful tools, from small children to Reiki masters, the simply curious to old-timers!


How does it do that?