About Nancy Green

I was born in London, England to parents who always acted as if creativity was completely normal. One was a cartoonist and the other a classical musician and I never remember being told, "Being an artist isn't a proper job". 

I was raised in an environment of spiritual and educational pioneers, learning Sanskrit at the age of seven. To escape the compulsory meditation I would slip into imagined realms of elves and animals and found my greatest joy in drawing nature, hiding in long grass, breeding butterflies and communicating silently with invisible friends. 

Turning seventeen came with the realization that the knowledge I learnt at school was not what I really longed for and I left my text books on the teacher's  desk one morning and never went back. Instead the inner spiritual pioneer took root and I headed off to Greece with my gift; my gift was creativity and it walked with me everywhere. It earned me plane tickets to olive groves where I painted day-long for six months, learning about light and how to anchor it on paper and I sketched in the gardens and fields of Monet in France.

My paintings sold and I travelled to India for four years, painting tropical swamps, Kashmiri mountains and miles of the River Ganges. Living life on my own terms was full of adventure and passion, but not the easiest road to travel. There was no formula to follow or regular pay-cheque, but my artwork sold and there were art awards, private collectors and London galleries with my paintings on the walls. I was also asked to teach at art shows and experienced the joy of sharing what I love with others.

Creativity then came along as three beautiful children in my life and being a mum gave me permission to do childhood all over again.  At the heart of all these life experiences was my unrelenting desire to unveil what I was really here for, to understand spiritual truths and follow my heart. 

In the last two decades I have deepened that process. I've learnt that creativity is a lot to do with remembering what you loved when you were little. It's about moving beyond insecurities and shyness and shedding patterns and beliefs that hold you back along the way. It's about taking time to re-group and reconnect, long walks in woods, long baths and long breaths. You were created to create, it's what you're here for. Find your own expression and give it life.